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My ultimate trip!

“Travel as if the world is your home”. This phrase has stuck with me for a while now and ever since I've been longing to justify it. I want to call the world my home, live out of a suitcase if I have to and make travel and exploration an integral part of my life.

I believe travel is just like what yoga is for the mind, soul and the body, it’s rejuvenating and liberating. Being in new places is all I crave for to hit the tracks. Like most travel lovers I too have a bucket list of places I want to visit and obviously it’s the whole world I want to go explore, but Alaska is at the top of the list. It’s the western-most part of the United States of America and I've set my heart on planning an extensive trip to Alaska on a thrilling cruise ship, to witness the ultimate northern serenity.

The land is diversified with leisure and adventure activities amidst the rugged wilderness. For instance, a cable mountain climbing experience at the famed Via Ferrata, located in Tordrillo mountain range, 4000 ft above sea level alongside a massive 500-foot-tall glacier, and the whole idea of this just fascinates me to the core.

Next on my list is a visit to the Sitka Island, a place that still holds deep roots to its proud Tlingit Native American culture, with fog kissed mountains and alluring waters in the backdrop. And a wildlife tour taking me through the serene views and offering experiences beyond my imagination. Imagine watching whales, sea lions, salmon fish, penguins, eagles, bears, and many other exclusive ranges of seabirds living in that part of the world.

And last, but the most thrilling will be the dazzling glaciers of Alaska that aren't found anywhere else in the world. The deep glacier fjord to the summit of its highest peak is drenched with spectacular views all around. Experiencing the luscious Heli-cocktails made with actual glacier ice, the rafting trips in the freezing waters, rock climbing excursions, snorkeling and the list goes on.

When I think of this trip, I want to immediately pack up and get on that plane to Alaska. I have been dreaming of this for the longest time and the next part to this story shall be out as soon as I go on the said experience.

Dear Alaska, i'll be there to see you super soon.

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