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Travel brings the world closer. How will that happen now?

Travel has brought people close. I firmly believe in this, especially after the pandemic. These uncalled times have been hard for people across the globe but many have drawn different learning from these times. The global citizens have realized the value of family, they are grateful to be surrounded by the loved ones and a family getaway, a romantic trip, or a long weekend with the girls or guys after the unlock has strengthened important bonds. Travel with grandparents, parents, children, immediate family and relatives spread across the country and world, has just been on the minds of many. People want to live in the moment and seize the day, 'cause there's nothing as good as family. Adding to this, travel is an opportunity to connect with each other. It may even smoothen family stress and build happier relationships amid panic. Traveling tales can ignite fresh sparks among couples and families.

Apart from that, there are many elements that concur the statement. Like the one TraWork believes in, it is a travel company that provides slow travel and experiential travel as their unique selling point. It drapes around a notion, where visiting places is not traveling. Having an IG filled with different destination posts is not traveling. A passport with vibrant stamps will not make us a traveler, but rather makes a tourist. And to be a traveler we have to funnel down the rendezvous with nature. The real essence of travel is when we get to experience a destination like a local. Conversing with them, letting their culture and lifestyle sink in. That will bind us with the people of that destination and will make the world a small community. Catering to such a segment of travelers has been a distinct feature of TraWork.

Another vital element of travel is, sharing experiences with the world about our journey attracts like-minded people. These form a niche group, who would want to tag along for the next voyage.

Travel is also a great opportunity to make new friends – either fellow travelers or localities. Meeting and befriending new people is a valuable travel benefit. And once we are bonded, new possibilities for future travel unfold. Either to visit them or journey with them!

Getting in touch with yourself, again an act of getting the world closer. Getting away from home after a long imprisonment gives the opportunity to reflect on our lives. We have all the time needed and space to let our mind wander and take stock. Traveling is one of the best ways to learn more about ourselves. Traveling brings a new set of issues and opportunities. The way we handle those also gives an insight into who we are. We come home knowing ourselves better, and with a fresh perspective on what we want out of life. The experience will change our lives by building a connection between the two worlds- The mind and the soul. Like someone said, TRAVEL As much as you can, As far as you can, As long as you can; Life is not meant to be lived in one place!

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