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Work from anywhere, Travel to everywhere

An idea which is supposed to be mere business turns into a mission, a goal and a purpose when it realises that it can bring a much needed positive change- a revolution. TraWork is born out of one such idea. The idea is spreading our love for travel. And it met with its purpose when we realised that a larger percentage of the masses are travelling for the wrong reasons.

Why workation?

We firmly believe that working at a location away from your ‘cabin’ boosts your productivity to a magnitude that cannot be imagined but experienced.

Imagine coming back from a holiday and not worrying about deadlines and meetings! Wouldn't that be a relief?

Our WORKATION allows travel lovers to take the trip that they have been postponing because of their work, office or business.




"We help people evolve from a tourist to a traveller by organising experiential trips that let you work away from work at exotic locations. We can also customise a trip for you and your friends, family or colleagues. In fact, taking a workation with your team can be a very productive activity! But don’t you think of us as boring trip designers who write itineraries!

We make sure you have the best time in the world, tasting authentic food, exploring places that do not exist on the maps, interacting with the locals, dinners and parties! Proffering you an experience which is not touristy makes me feel accomplished. 

We ease out your hassles and pull you out from the travel anxieties. Our trips are led by amazing travellers who ensure that you are having the best time. We deliver an entirely new experience every time you come with us. So even if you have already visited a place, the experience on our ‘Workation’ will be completely different no matter how many times you visit it." 


(minds and hearts behind our trips)

Vandita Purohit


Palak Kejdiwal


Kushal Jain


Aditi Sahu


Shrishti Bhandari



“The first thing that I intended to do as I built Trawork was to make it a medium that will help travel lovers make ‘Travelling a Lifestyle’. Travelling has a huge impact on our work, but unfortunately not many have experienced that. Understanding the different cultures of people all around the world can give you a deeper insight into both the professional and personal front. Exploring places is a practice that anyone can benefit from- people of any background and any age. With Trawork, my primary goal is to introduce this new way of travelling to people and helping them to benefit from it. I see this as a great way of understanding people in different countries and using that understanding to come up with ideas that can make this world a better place to live. I believe as individuals, we must develop a respect for the traditional values of people from different corners of the world. I also wish to drive tourism into India by organising cultural and heritage tours in various states of the country for the world to know how beautiful our country is”


( Trawork is her baby)

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