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Why Us

Why us?

Not Touristy

We make sure you don’t just ‘visit’ locations but ‘explore’ them like a true Traveller. Our tours are designed in a way that it leaves room for experiences, adventures and memories that stay with you for a lifetime.

Work Remotely

This is the future- working at a location away from your ‘cabin’ boosts your productivity to a magnitude that cannot be imagined but experienced. Our trips allow travellers to work on the go without missing out on the beautiful places that exist on our planet.

Get Local

When with us, you experience the real way of travelling. Unlike most trip organisers we don’t believe in ‘visiting’ places but getting intimate with them by spending more time with the place. We explore more than what the internet tells you about the place.


We don’t tailor your experiences, instead guide you to tailor them yourself. The beauty of going non-itinerarized is that it leaves room for unique experiences.

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