"Understand the science of travel blogging and content creation- but this time from the standpoint of the creators."

The Agenda

We identify a huge gap between creators and businesses. Most people fail to understand what really goes behind creating quality content- making it difficult for content creators to bag a fair deal when trying to collaborate with brands. A discussion like such will put forward their point of views and help us understand the best possible ways to collaborate.

What did they talk about?

  1. How does a blogger/content creator work?

  2. What goes behind creating content?

  3. What does a creator expect?

  4. What does a vlogger expect out of a collaboration?

  5. Creative freedom

  6. Business ethics

  7. What is a fair barter?

Key Take-aways

How you can contribute to the growth of a content creator?
How collaborating with content creators can be beneficial for SMEs?
How to find a middle ground with a blogger without hampering their creativity
How to better communicate as a blogger?

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