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How work from home is changing travel and remote working.

Looking back in the time when monotonous and stalled office life was in the play. Sitting in the cubicle and handling huge projects, facing an all-hands-on-deck situation, leaving everything else in life to fall by the wayside, clocking 12 hours at the office every day was the work life people lead.

And while things were changing for good, people had started pursuing new career options, offices had started changing, Co-working spaces were becoming the new trend and even remote working to some extent was becoming the new lifestyle.

And then the global pandemic hit us and soon we were all housebound, under restrictions. A life we had never lived or even imagined was coming into being. And while the initial days were more acceptable and people were calling it a good pause, soon we wanted to get out, resume and restart

But work from home is the new norm and has impacted travel in numerous ways, mostly good. Work from home suddenly made the masses realize they could be anywhere they want and ensure work is going on. Earlier this was a privilege very few enjoyed. But now more and more people are realising how remote working can be life-altering and a new lifestyle. Some call it a nomad life, some call it traveler's life, I think it’s the new life.

The freedom of being wherever you want, whenever you want is true freedom, isn’t it?

And that’s what remote working allows you to do, be wherever you want, and make sure work is taken care of on the go. The world is witnessing a holistic shift in the way of working. People now sit at the comfort of their homes and crack deals. Many organizations have made it a norm to work remotely and it is turning out to be more productive as well.

This has paved the way for a massive shift in the way we travel. Even though travel was banned, remote working allowed people to explore local, visit cities in their own countries thereby helping resume tourism bit by bit. And that’s what a workation is, working away from home and traditional offices. Working from the mountains and beaches and the remotest of places. It combines experiences, work and living in the best possible ways. Imagine doing all that you do day to day, but now from a new place, new environment, new people and different views.

Work from home is changing the way we felt about our work and the restrictions that came with it, but now no more. The entire WFH is allowing us to be more exploring than restrictive. And this will lead to some drastic changes in the travel and tourism industry.

Solo travel and traveling with a partner have picked up momentum because hey, now you can have a good time while working away in the company you like. Traveling to a hill station or a remote place, booking yourself a homestay and good internet is all one needs to get started and this has led to more income sources for the locals, thereby helping the local economy in small but significant ways.

There are many travel companies who can help you plan a perfect workation for you and your team and transport you to a whole new different world, and be rest assured of a great productive, creative and progressive environment and state of mind that will only lead to more work wonders.

So if you are someone who is working from home, this is your chance to get out there and experience travel in a new light!

Go live it!

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