"Understand the science of travel blogging and content creation- but this time from the standpoint of the creators."

31st October 2020  |  5:00 PM  |  Airmeet (Virtual Platform)  |  Free Event


how much is it for?


The Agenda

We identify a huge gap between creators and businesses. Most people fail to understand what really goes behind creating quality content- making it difficult for content creators to bag a fair deal when trying to collaborate with brands. A discussion like such will put forward their point of views and help us understand the best possible ways to collaborate.

What will they talk about?

  1. How does a blogger/content creator work?

  2. What goes behind creating content?

  3. What does a creator expect?

  4. What does a vlogger expect out of a collaboration?

  5. Creative freedom

  6. Business ethics

  7. What is a fair barter?

Who must attend?

Content creators | Travellers | Travel bloggers

| SMEs | Travel Startups | Digital Nomads | Travel Writers 

Key Take-aways

How you can contribute to the growth of a content creator?
How collaborating with content creators can be beneficial for SMEs?
How to find a middle ground with a blogger without hampering their creativity
How to better communicate as a blogger?

About Travel Tales

At Travel Tales, we aim at bringing the travel ecosystem closer to share experiences and celebrate travel. The aim is to help and inspire people to travel more and network within the travel space. One might even find a few travel buddies!

The Organizer

TraWork is a Work Travel initiative which gives people a platform to travel & work all around the world. With Trawork we explore & experience places beyond traditional travel without compromising on our work.

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