How will travel look like after the Pandemic is gone?


Today I woke up to the most disturbing chaos amidst the petrifying silence- “ COVID-19: Global count rises to 1 million”. The world is fighting against a pandemic that has threatened the human race like never before. The hardest part to witness during the menace was ‘Travel’- the primary reason for the global spread of the flu. No industry is as affected as travel and tourism, leaving us baffled with so many questions. The crashing economies and the global imbalance in business is a concern for most of us. So while we are safely distancing ourselves from the people around, let us get closer to the real problem -

People of the travel community must become more responsible and take it upon themselves to improve the way we travel - environmentally, socially and culturally.



1. GLOBAL SCARE: There is no easy way to say this, but it is the reality-people will refrain from travelling.  Though the lockdown is testing the patience of travel lovers and is, in turn, hyping the desperation to break free, the hesitation to travel might take longer than expected to leave even after the pandemic is long gone.

2. RECESSION: The tourism industry alone accounts for 10% of global GDP. The global economy has entered a recession as a consequence of the COVID 19 pandemic. We are bound to experience an imbalance in our financial stability. It will take a while for the money cycle to pick up speed and for people to start spending again on travel and tourism. 

3. WORKLOAD: Sooner or later the companies will open up to start functioning full-fledged, everyone will be working or even work overtime to compensate for the lost business and earn some extra bucks as well.  Both the employees and employers will be under pressure to compete in the market and make business.


4. STRICT IMMIGRATION: Considering the highly contagious nature of the virus, travellers might face stringent immigration laws. With a public health emergency shaking up the world, international travel will get tricky as countries will be scared of another wave of infection.


5. LESS TOURISM: The tourism industry is getting affected regardless of the country being affected or not affected especially with international tourists. The countries that have been affected by the pandemic will receive fewer tourists from foreign countries, whereas the non-affected countries will refrain from allowing tourists from the same countries. This imbalance will affect the businesses, especially in countries where the economy is primarily dependent on tourism.


Does that scare you? Well, it scares me too. But it is equally important to look at the things that will change only for the common good. So here’s how I see the good things happening post the pandemic -


1. HEALTHIER PLANET:  With the humans restricted to their homes to combat the spread of the pandemic, our planet Earth has also got a chance to take a break and rejuvenate! The scientists claim that the changes are visible from space. This is the first time they witnessed a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event.

2. MINDFUL TRAVEL: Definitely looking forward to people of the travel community become more responsible and taking it upon themselves to improve the way we travel- environmentally, socially and culturally. 


3. INNOVATION IN SAFETY:  One of the highly talked about things right now is ‘precautionary measures’. Right from service providers to transport and product companies- every sector in the travel and tourism industry will come up with innovative ways and products to secure the health concern of travellers

4. INNOVATION IN HYGIENE: Now that we have been hit by a disease that got us sanitising everything, we can expect hospitality and transport companies to innovate and market on the ways they will be ensuring the hygiene concerns of their customers.  It'll be interesting to witness businesses improve their hygiene standards making it safer for travellers.

5. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: It was high time we realised the importance of sustainable travelling. Though the world will quickly move on to functioning how it has always been, companies will take use this term to their advantage and why not? The travel community must only and only promote the various sustainable ways of travelling to conserve the environment. 


I know it is painful that travel has to be restricted amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. But hey you must not be disheartened. Though it is impossible to anticipate how the rest of the year will pan out, we can only wait for the times to get better and the world to be open again for the travel lovers. Till then why don’t you sort out that big hard drive of your travel pictures and post on your Instagram or make a scrapbook out of it or just blog about it?

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