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Join the TraWork cult!

What is the College Ambassador Program?

A Campus Ambassador Program is a platform that gives students an opportunity to represent and work along startup or brand/s in their respective colleges, help them create awareness about the products and services they offer and maintain a brand presence among college/university students.

Companies appoint Ambassadors who essentially represent them in their respective college and
help promote the various products, services & events of a company in exchange for new 
learning, freebies, volunteer & internship opportunities and more. It is for the students by the students.

Is this you



  1. You are a Travel Junkie, a travel enthusiast who is often found looking up interesting places to travel to on the internet.

  2. You want to know and learn everything travel

  3. You want to learn the art of community building

  4. You love interacting with new people and network

  5. You want to be part of innovative projects

  6. You are fun, outgoing, dynamic & hard-working

  7. You are a problem solver

If you said "YES" to most of the things in the list above, then go on reading!!


Why should you choose to become a

College Ambassador?

Albert Einstein once said,

'the only source of knowledge is experience'

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Great resume builder

  2. Meet different college students and build your network

  3. Volunteering & Intern Opportunities

  4. An opportunity to build great leadership skills

  5. A great opportunity to lead events for the brand you are associating with

  6. Gain professional experience, build public relations & people

  7. skills

  8. Get hands-on working experience with various companies

  9. Participate in various events

  10. Work & gain experience without disturbing your schedule

  11. Receive free brand merchandise

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Being a Campus Ambassador is a fantastic opportunity that allows you to work with various companies & brands, develop your professional skills, get real-time experience and enrich your college journey​​


What’s in it for you?

  1. A certificate from us, letting everyone else know about your contribution to the company and the amazing work you do

  2. Internship Opportunities

  3. Every batch one Ambassador gets a Job Offer. This is strictly based on your performance

  4. A great chance to travel with us on various trips.

  5. Organise college and city level events

  6. Get free access to all the events organised by the company

  7. During your tenure as an ambassador, you will receive free merchandise, goodies and more.

  8. Access to workshops on Sales, Marketing, Design and Content


Pan India


Roles & Responsibilities of a TraWork College Ambassador:

  1. You will be the TraWork representative for the city. We will reach out to you for any city-level events like travel tales, trips, city walks and more.

  2. Promote & grow the TraWork brand community in the college

  3. Promote all upcoming events and organise Travel events (typically once a month), can be both online and offline

  4. Promote the company’s posts, events and other updates via your social media platform

  5. Organise City Walks - typically once a week

  6. Create unique experiences or organise activities to generate buzz, boost brand awareness and build student loyalty.

  7. Create the content on your city as per the format provided

  8. Get 5 traveller stories each month

  9. Run campaigns, polls and contests in your college

  10. Help the company in building a Local Travel Community

  11. Create & maintain the database of potential customers

  12. You’ll submit a report of the activities performed along with an updated database every month

If you are passionate about travel and being a part of something that will be both fun and a great

learning experience, do NOT miss this amazing opportunity.


Step 1:

Just fill up and submit the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.
College Ambassador Application

Step 2:

Someone will be in touch with you within 24 - 42 hours of the form submission

Step 3:

We will do a telephonic interview, answer questions you have and get to know you better.

Step 4:

If selected you will be given an appointment letter and the starting date will be assigned.

The on-boarding process will be done on 14th May 21.

Step 5:

2-3 days before the start date you will be assigned a Manager

Step 6:

You are now officially a Trawork Campus Ambassador

Step 7:

Induction Day

Step 8:

Voila! Your journey has begun..


How to Apply

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